Kitchari is a powerful combination of mung bean lentils, grains and healing spices. A staple of the Ayurvedic diet, Kitchari (meaning “mixture”) offers numerous health benefits, detoxification, immunity-building and anti-inflammatory qualities. Each ingredient is purposefully added and combined in the right quantities to deliver maximum benefit.

Organic Mung Bean Lentils:
– When combined with rice create a complete protein, allowing for steady, slow-burning energy.
– High in fiber aiding in the prevention of heart disease.
– Packed with necessary vitamins and minerals – Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Organic Grains (basmati rice or quinoa):
– Naturally gluten-free and low in fat, each option of grain contains eight essential amino acids, folic acid and is low in sodium and cholesterol-free.
– With a lower glycemic index, it delivers a steady flow of energy into the body.
– Quinoa is loaded with healthy iron and magnesium and has more calcium than milk.

Organic Ghee:
– Rich in Vitamin A and E and anti-inflammatory agents.
– Comprised of medium chain fatty acids that are absorbed directly by the liver and burned as energy and used to burn other fats.
– Great transporter of nutrients allowing for maximum assimilation to the body.
– Digestion and immune strengthening qualities, aiding the removal of toxins.

Healing Spices and Herbs:
– Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent that is widely used for its cancer-fighting qualities.
– Fresh Ginger: Aides in digestion, while its anti-inflammatory qualities help muscle growth and brain function.
– Fresh Cilantro: Rich in vitamin A, K and C, Potassium and Manganese.
– Chili Powder: Even when used in small quantities it is high in Vitamin C and rich in antioxidants.