Widely used in India, the 5,000 year-old science of Ayurveda is based on the principle of delivering a balanced mind and body through purposeful digestion and proper detoxification.

Ayurveda is a medical science proposing the art of daily living based on each person’s unique body type, mind and consciousness known as the Doshas. This science believes that we are each born with a dominate dosha type but balanced with the effects of the other two doshas. These three doshas can fluctuate and throw us off-balance because of ill-health, harsh weather, stress or travel. Together this refers to our overall pre-disposition both mental and physical.

“Health is the state of having balanced doshas (physiological principles), balanced digestion, balanced tissues, and proper expulsion of waste. It is a state of bliss in the soul, senses, and mind.” Sushrut, one of the "Great Three" physicians of Ayurveda

When in balance a person with dosha is happy and energetic but when imbalanced it can lead to restlessness, exhaustion and poor sleep. Preferred foods are warm, nourishing meals with added fat, creamy textures and salty, sour and sweet tastes. Foods to avoid include raw vegetables and caffeine.

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When balanced the mind is content, sharp and the person has strong digestion but when imbalanced the person can feel aggressive, critical and impatient. Food preferences should include a vegetarian diet of grains, vegetables, seasonal salads and warm foods in colder months. Avoid meat as it adds more heat to the body.

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In balance the person is loving and stable but when imbalanced the person can feel lazy and lethargic. Preferred foods lean towards light meals, laden with raw fruits and vegetables and spices, especially in the colder months. Avoid salty and deep fried foods and overall resist the urge to overeat.

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Like a finger print, our doshas are unique to us and we fall in to 1 or 2 or occasionally all 3 categories but the important part is, this holds the understanding of who we are, why we like what we like, how our body reacts to certain stimulus and foods, and certain physical traits.

When external factors such as the environment, the weather or internal factors such as illnesses weaken the immune system, these Doshas go out of sync and send signals about what is required to realign for optimal physical and mental health.

Modern stresses and the hectic bustle of day-to-day life wear down’s ones immunity and it is harder to find meals that heal as well as nourish. Ayurveda forces us to be conscious of what we eat but also why we need to eat certain foods more than others.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”HIPPOCRATES

For more information or to learn your particular Dosha, visit the Ayurvedic Institute.