We are both friends and mothers raising our families amidst the hustle of New York City. When life feels draining, we’ve all felt that craving for a bowl of something comforting that we know will cure us. Every family has their own special remedy and Dancing Elephant was born out of our desire to share ours.

We vividly remember our grandmothers reaching for carom seeds if someone complained of a stomach ache, warm turmeric milk for aches and pains, and ginger tea for a stubborn cough. These “totkas” exist in almost every Indian household.

With a strong desire to tap these proven remedies but modernize them, we leveraged our combined expertise in the culinary arts and Ayurveda to bring these magical foods to a broader audience who craved foods that were purposeful and healthy.

Our mission is to simplify and modernize the 5,000-year old science of Ayurveda through a series of new food options for the health-conscious consumer. Guided by the principles of Ayurveda, our meals are carefully crafted using the finest organic ingredients delivering healing benefits for both mind and body.

– Chandni Prasad & Saira Malhotra –